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Eyes of a person are one of the most important parts that determine the person's first impression.
While Asians have beautiful eyes of its own, they can have more attractive, more youthful-looking eyes through eyelid surgery.


1) Double eyelid

2) Double eyelid + epicanthoplasty (for wide glabella)

3) Double eyelid + Lateral canthal lenghtening (for narrowed and ascended eyes)

4) Drooping upper lid surgery

5) Baggy lower lid surgery (+ fat grafting for upper lid )

6) Dark circles trans-conjunctival fat reposition surgery

7) Upper lid fat removal (on 2 weeks)

8) Ptosis

9) Re-operation

10) Eyebrow Lift (sagging skin of upper eyelid, eyebrow) + under eye plasty

11) Lower eyelid ectropion (right facial nerve palsy)



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