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1. What is PRP?

PRP means 'platelet-rich plasma'. It is a method of injecting concentrated platelet directly into skin since platelet in our blood contains various skin regeneration factors.


2. What it the effect of PRP skin regeneration?

Overall, it gives the patient clearer tone of skin, enhances elasticity and is effective in reducing blemishes, wrinkles, spots, pores, sagging skin, scars, partial hair loss, acne, etc.


3. What is procedure?

The procedure is start from drawing blood from the arm and applying anesthetic cream to the face for 30 minutes. Separated PRP is injected to face with needle or roller. (Sleeping sedation is possible, if necessary) It takes 30 minutes and is performed three times at intervals of one month.


4. What about recovery process after the procedure?

While redness can occur for 2~3 hours after the procedure, the patient can go back to normal for washing the face or putting on a make up the next day. There may be a tingling feeling for 1 day or so.


5. How long does the effect last?

The patient can feel brighter skin tone in 2 weeks. Although it varies depending on individual's personal difference, it lasts about 2 years on average.


6. How much does the procedure cost?

It is performed three times at intervals of one month, and the total cost is 600,000 won (as of May, 2009). Those who have received surgery at our hospital can get a discount of one-time cost (200,000 won).


7. Can I have the procedure with other surgery at the same time?

Yes. It enhances engraftment if it is done with fat grafts. It also enhances the result of scar surgery when it is performed together.