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1. What is shoulder augmentation?
For a man who has small and drooping shoulder, silicone implants can be inserted near deltoid parts of shoulders to volume up the sizes. It gives you about 6~7 cm wider shoulder and gives you a better style.
'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'



< Shoulder Augmentation published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal 2013 !! >

2. How to surgery?

After general or sleeping sedation, deltoid parts of shoulders are dissected by endoscope after making 5cm of incisions on armpits to insert silicon. (2 hours of operation time)

3. How many days it takes to recover after surgery?

It takes 3 days to be placed on pressing bandages and 4 days to shower.
The stiches will be removed after 7 days.

4. Since when do I do the day-to-day activities?

You may return to normal the second day after surgery. (But you are precluded from lifting arms more than 90 degrees nor doing excessive physical activities.)

5. Is there any scar?

Incision is made inside of armpit and is almost unnoticeable.

6. Is silicon a safe material?

Yes, it is fully authorized medically used silicon and the softest material, same with the one that is being used in nose surgery.

7. Is there anything to be cautious after surgery?

You should avoid any activities that lift your arms more than 90 degrees above until 2 weeks after surgery.
Do not smoke nor engage in excessive physical exercise until 2 weeks after surgery.

8. Are there any complications for the surgery?

Temporary hematoma, irritation, foreign body sensation and implant moving may occur, but is is less than 5% and is curable.

9. Why do they ever have this surgery? Aren't other hospitals performing this???

It has not been possible to make incisions around shoulders since they are the sensitive areas for scars. However, armpits are the areas that rarely get scars.
The key is to dissect shoulder muscles though armpits and this was made to possible by Dr. Jung, Yoon Jae's study and effort.

10. How much wider shoulders am I actually going to get? Can there be any discomfort during everyday life or exercise? Does the surgery shows?

Entire shoulder will be wider by 6~7 cm and it does not affect everyday life and exercise after it settles in a month. While if you have thin skin, the shape of implants can show, it does not look unnatural since it is similar to deltoids. If you leave your real name, phone number and social registration number on online inquiry, we will connect you to the patient who has already received the surgery to make you gratify your detailed questions.

11. Presentation of papers

It has officially been recognized its value since it has been listed on the Journal of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Surgery in March, 2011.

12. See conference presentation and news release