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Scars cannot completely go away by current techniques of plastic surgery but it can be less noticeable and smaller.
Don’t let your scar scars your mind.
Although it leaves a hind of redness after 3 months of the surgery, it gets better and becomes skin color over time.
Sun screen should be put on constantly by this time.
'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'


1. Facial scars

The face of all the other parts of our body is the best place that shows the best result of the scar surgery.
Minimizing the scar and detour its direction can make it less noticeable.
The surgery usually is performed with partial anesthesia and requires outpatient treatment.

2. Arms, legs and body scars

These are less effective parts than the face for scar surgery since they receive much pressure. However, they can also be made into less noticeable.

3. Burn scars

It usually requires larger parts. Water bag called tissue expanders can be applied to swallow up the healthy skin near the scar to cover up the scar.