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As you aged, you lose elasticity on your skin and tissue and get wrinkles due to repeated facial expressions. Wrinkles from nose to lips, wrinkles around chin and jaw and wrinkles on neck can be corrected by facial lift (Figure 1) and wrinkles on forehead, bridge of the nose, glabellas and around eyes are corrected by forehead lift (Figure 2).

'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'


1. Face Lift

This surgery is for the wrinkles from nose to lips and chins and neck wrinkles. It incises skin like shown in Figure 1, lifts up to fix, makes small incision underneath the chin to fix sagging neck line to become elastic, pulls back lifted skin to the chin direction, cuts the residual skin and sutures it.
It can be applied with either general or sleeping anesthesia. The surgery takes within 3 hour and patient may discharge on the day or stay in the hospital for a day.

The patient should stop taking all pills that is going to affect the surgery such as aspirin and hemorrhagic diathesis drugs and cigarette 1 month before surgery since it can cause complications on bleeding or on recovery. Pills for high blood pressure should also be adjusted.

2. Frontal forehead lift

This surgery is for forehead wrinkles, glabella wrinkles, nose wrinkle and eye wrinkle and is performed either by incision or by endoscope.

1) Incision
As shown in the picture, incision inside the scalp above ears is done to lift skin, subcutaneous and periosteun tissue to cut muscles which make wrinkles. Once it is cut, it is pulled back to be cut residual part and sutured.
It usually is conducted with wrinkle removal around eyes.
(General anesthesia -2 hours - a day in the hospital or leave on the day)

2) Endoscopic Lift
As shown in the picture, small incisions on 4~5 areas are made to lift subperiosteal tissue through endoscope, cut wrinkle muscles and fix them after pulling them back.
(General anesthesia or sleeping sedation- 1 hour - a day in the hospital or leave on the day)

3. Thread lifting

If the patient does not have severely sagging skin or feel reluctant to incision, specially made threads can be made to lift skin with 2cm of incision on scalp.
It recovers fast since swelling goes down within a week.

4. Botox

Botox is nerve-blocking substance and can remove wrinkles by blocking the movement of wrinkle muscle.
As the case shown in the picture, shots can be injected to wrinkles. The effect lasts from around a week to 5~6 months.
Secondary treatment can be done if necessary and it usually takes fewer doses.
(No anesthesia -10 minutes - Outpatient treatment)

5. Fat grafting and artificial tissue implant

Autologous fat can be collected from patient's own abdomen to inject it to glabella, forehead, around the eyes, nasal bulb and lips wrinkles to make it look better.
(Local anesthesia - 30 min - Outpatient treatment)
Artificial tissue (Restylane, alrodeom) can be injected to make wrinkles go away.