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Forehead surgery, chin surgery, fat grafting, lip surgery

'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'


1. Forehead surgery

Forehead plays important role in contouring facial line.

It only fits to a beautiful face when forehead, nose and chin line is harmonized. For this reason, forehead surgery can be done with nose surgery.

Firstly, plaster model that matches the forehead of the patient is made to make a silicon model. The silicon model is inserted and fixed after the scalp incision.

The surgery takes 1 hour and is performed either on general anesthesia or sleeping anesthesia. The patient may leave on the day.

2. Chin surgery

If you have a small chin, implant, autologous fat injection or filter can be used to balance out the look.

3. Fat grafting

If the specific areas of the face such as the forehead or around the cheek or eyes are small or hollow due to aging or wound, it makes you look older or weaker.
In this case, a little fat can be gathered from the abdomen, separated to pure fat from a centrifuge and injected in to the area with a needle to restore facial contour.
It can be applied with either general or sleeping anesthesia. The surgery takes within 1 hour and patient may discharge on the day.
The remaining fat will be frozen and thawed to use when needed secondary surgery.

4. Silicon implant on the sides of the nose

If the sides of the nose are too hollow, silicon or autologous fat can be used to lift them.

5. Lip surgery

If lips are too thin, autologous fat tissue or artificial tissue can be used to mold the lips to proper shape. (Partial anesthesia, 1 hour, outpatient treatment)

If lips are too large or thick, lip reduction can be performed to make lips proper size. (Partial anesthesia, 1 hour, outpatient treatment)