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Due to a westernization of diet and lifestyle, obesity is on the rise recently. In order to solve this problem, a variety of diet, exercise, drug and surgery have been applied.

The obesity should be treated based on tri-factors; diet -exercise- surgical procedure


If the treatment is biased to one of three, obesity treatment is difficult to succeed. Even if you succeed in losing weight, weight tends to be gained over and over again.

It is important to treat obesity with diet and exercise as well as proper surgical treatment such as liposuction, gastrectomy and abdominal plasty.

Gastrectomy is performed if the life is in danger because of obesity and is rarely performed in Korea.

Liposuction and abdominal plasty are done not for losing weight but for reshape figure. That is, it is for locally accumulated fat and for sagging skin.

1. Liposuction

Liposuction is usually performed if the fat is locally accumulated in specific areas of the body such as stomach, back, legs, waist, arms, face, neck and other parts.

Liposuction does not reduce fat cells that exist in this area; it reduces the actual number of fat cells. For this reason, even if the patient gains weight again, the suctioned part will not get fat.

Although there currently are a variety of liposuction surgical equipment, the important thing is the doctor's technique and experience.

Depending on the area, vibrating suction or ultrasound can be used. Excessive suction may cause serious complications and it limits its amount to 4l.

Depending on the area, sleeping anesthesia or general anesthesia can be applied. The patient may leave on the day or stay for a night.

It takes a week to go down swelling and the patient can do a little bit of an exercise by then. It takes 2~3 weeks to get back to normal sensation and to disappear bruise. The patient can do most of normal activities by then. (Elastic underwear should be worn by this time.)

2. Abdominal plasty

Abdominal plasty is performed when there is too much fat or too much sagging skin in the abdomen or protruding stomach due to pregnant, aging or weakening muscle.

As shown in the picture, horizontal incision is done at the very bottom of the abdomen. Skin and fat tissue are lifted upward to ribs and then sagging abdominal muscle is narrowed and contracted to pull it back to where it was after the reduction of residual fat and skin. Belly button will be re-created and stitched.

The outer sides of pelvis can be suctioned if necessary.

Postoperative swelling goes down after at least 1 week after the surgery. It takes 2~3 weeks to do a normal activity (elastic underwear should be worn by this time) and takes about 2 months to disappear bruise and dull sensation.

The surgical scars star blur afterward and it takes more than 1 year to be mostly faded. It does not go away completely.