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Breasts are a symbol of the female and of motherhood.
Korean women tend to have small body as well as small breasts and it usually gets smaller after breast feeding.
On the other hand, abnormally large breasts cause pain in shoulders, waist and may cause skin trouble underneath the breasts.
'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'


1. Breast augmentation

Insert artificial implant under the breast tissue or muscle to enlarge breast to appropriate size.
There are two types of implants; Saline solution and silicon (Cogel).
Silicone gel (Cogel) has been legally approved since July, 2007 and has safely been used.
Saline solution bag and silicone gel bag do not have difference in terms of safety. If you have thicker skin, it is okay to use saline solution bag, and if you have thin and prioritize feel, silicon is suitable choice.

1) Surgery through axillary (minimizes bleeding and pain using breast endoscope)
Incise 3~4cm on armpits and detach muscles underneath breasts to insert implants.
2-3 days of postoperative pain may occur.
General anesthesia will be applied and leave the hospital in the same day or stay in for 1 night.

2) Surgery around the areola incision
If a patient does not want armpit incision, areolar incision can be an alternative. It recovers faster, has less pain when moving arms and the scar is not very noticeable.
General anesthesia or sleeping sedation is applied. It takes 1~1.5 hours and you can discharge from the hospital in the same day.


<Features of Breast Augmentation of Eve Plastic Surgery>

(1) We only use the best quality implant (Mentor bag) authorized by the U.S. FDA. Mentor bag guarantees lifetime warranty.

(2) We use optimal surgical procedure such as areola incision or axillary incision depending on patients' state.

(3) A surgery is conducted exactly like the case that Dr. Jung, Yoon Jae has presented in the American Society of Plastic Surgery(Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Issue: Volume 24, Number 6 Date: November 2000)

(4) In order to remove the patient's postoperative pain, we provide painkilling injection and block intercostal nerve to minimize after surgery pain.

(5) Breast augmentation with Polka breast implants is also available.

2. Breast Reduction (for large breasts)

1) Incision around the areola
It incises around the areola, so scar is hardly noticeable and is suitable for small amount of reduction.

2) Vertical incision
For a young and unmarried woman, if a large amount of reduction with minimizing scar is needed, incision around the areola and vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the bottom crease of breasts are used to the surgery.
For the first 1 month of the surgery, you can sense slightly lifted feeling of breasts but it gets natural after 2 months. Incision scars will become faded after 6 month and hardly noticeable over time.

3) Reverse T-shaped incision
Incision around the areola and vertical incision to the crease underneath the breast are applied to reduce huge breast tissue.
Postoperative scar gets dims over one year.
All of these surgeries are done by general anesthesia and take 3~4 hours. You may stay in the hospital for one night or discharge in the same day.

3. Breast Lift (Sagging breasts)

1) Incision around the areola
After surgery scar is barely noticeable due to an incision around the areola.
The shape may look flat at the early postoperative period, but it gets natural over time.

2) Reverse T-shaped incision
Incision around the areola and vertical incision to the crease underneath the breast are applied to lift up and fix sagging breast tissue. Postoperative scar gets dims over one year.

All of these surgeries are done by general anesthesia and take 3 hours. You may stay in the hospital for one night or discharge in the same day.

4. Nipple surgery

1) Inverted nipples
If you have inverted nipples, it may cause you trouble at breast feeding, hygienic and skin trouble.
It usually does not affect breast feeding, is done by local anesthesia and takes 1~2 hours. You may discharge from hospital on the same day.

2) Huge nipples
It reduces the parts which are larger than normal and sutures with local anesthesia. It takes 30 minutes and you can leave hospital on the same day.

5. Gynecomastia, Accessory breast

If a man has breasts close to the size of the female breast, breast tissues can be removed with general or partial anesthesia.
It takes 1~2 hours and the patient may leave the hospital on the day.
Accessory breast, which is located in an abnormal area, can be removed with breast tissue, areola and nipple. It takes about 1 hour with partial or sleeping anesthesia and the patient may leave the hospital on the day.




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Breast cancer is the third most common cancer among women in Korea. If the partial or whole breast tissue were removed by surgical procedure, it can be reshaped with autoplasty simultaneously with or after the breast reduction.
While it does not affect physical health without reconstruction of breasts, it significantly affects women's self-esteem, emotional health and physical shape. Considering theses, breast reconstruction is necessary to improve quality of life especially the breast cancer has a long time survival rate.


1. Tissue expanders and artificial implantation

Due to recent surgical procedures of mastectomy which removes breast tissue and preserves skin, reconstruction job with tissue expander and artificial implantation became even easier.
When removing breast tissue or after, tissue expander (water bag) is inserted and saline solution is being injected for 1~2 months to expand skin and muscle tissue. If it reaches the similar size of that of the other breast, artificial implant is inserted for a reconstruction work.
The other breast can be expanded or reduced if it is needed.
The surgery takes around 1 hour and general or partial anesthesia is applied. The patient can leave on the day.
The implant can be either silicon; if feeling is important or saline solution bag; if there are concerns on silicon, depending on the patient's choice.

Tissue expanders and artificial implantation are relatively simple, have no additional scar and recover fast. While autoplasty is relatively complicated and recovers slower, it feels more natural since it is from the patient's own body.
Both can be conducted regardless of chemotherapy and do not effect on recurrence of cancer.

2. Autoplasty reconstruction

1) Reconstruction using latissimus dorsi muscle
Pectoral muscle is located under the shoulder near back and will be relocated to internal direction such as shown in the picture to reconstruct breasts.
It is relatively safe and can be inserted with artificial implant at the same time if it is smaller than the other side. (General anesthesia, 3 days of hospitalization)

2) Reconstruction using musculus rectus abdominis
As shown in the picture, the muscle in the center of the abdomen and skin tissues in the belly can be lifted to reconstruct breasts. It takes 1~2 hours more than that of reconstruction using latissimus dorsi muscle and takes more than 1 week to recover. (General anesthesia, 5 days of hospitalization)

3. Nipple areola reconstruction

After the two months of breast reconstruction, nipple and areola can be reconstructed as well.

Half of the nipple on the other side can be implanted or can be rebuilt with the skins of reconstructed breast. Areola can be made with tattoo or skin graft simultaneously with nipple implant and can be made after 1 month of mamilliplasty.

The surgery is done with local anesthesia and takes 1 hour. The patient may discharge on the day.