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Eyes of a person are one of the most important parts that determine the person's first impression.
While Asians have beautiful eyes of its own, they can have more attractive, more youthful-looking eyes through eyelid surgery.
'Detailed examination and planning with a medical specialist for plastic surgery is necessary since there could be complications such as hematoma, inflammation, asymmetry and scarring.'


1. Eyelid surgery

It creates natural lines for eyes without double eyelids to make them beautiful and cool.

1) Incision
Incision is done to eyelid and fat is removed if it is needed to make them bigger and cooler.

2) Buried suture
The surgery is performed through 3 incisions with diameters of 2mm on eyelids and passing the suture through them to crease lines.

3) Minimal incision
The surgery is performed through 3 incisions with diameters of 3mm and removes muscles and eye facts to make natural and distinct line.

All three methods are performed under local anesthesia and operation takes about 30-60 minutes.
In the case of incision method, it takes 4 days to remove stiches, takes 7 days to go down swelling and takes 3 weeks to be looked natural.
Buried suture method does not leave any stiches, leaves almost no swelling and forms natural lines within a week.
Minimal incision leaves three stiches, which will be removed on the 3rd day.
It leaves minimal swelling and takes about 2 weeks to be looked natural.

2. Epicanthoplasty
Asians tend to have small eyes with too much skin between the two eyes. In this case, without the removal of residual skin in epicanthic folds, the eyes may look smaller even after the eyelid surgery. This is why epicanthoplasty should be combined with eyelid surgery.

3. Lateral Canthal Lengthening
If a patient has a narrow interorbital, narrow width or has peaked eyes, the surgery can widen the width and lower the skins of the eyes.
Unlike the old method, scars are rare and it does not adhere back.

This method of Dr. Chung, Yoon Jae has been adopted as the subject of a lecture in Plastic Surgery Symposium in 2009 and has also been presented in the International Society of Plastic Surgery held in Tokyo in October 2009.
'It can lower the angle of the tale of the eye skins so that it can have the effect of posterior canthotomy.'

4. Upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid) surgery

As you aged, tissues of eyelid such as skin, muscle and fat may come down and make you have stuffy and concerned look.
A surgery can remove these and fix forehead wrinkle, blepharoptosis and loose lower eyelid at the same time through the same surgical part.
It takes 3-4 weeks to subside the swelling and get natural.

5. Lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid) surgery

Depending on the aging process or a family history, the lower part of the eyes may sag or bulge to make you look older. I
f the skin were not sagged too much or only the fat were bulging, fat rearrangement may give you a good result with the incision inside the lower palpebral.
If you have sagging skin, incision of skin and muscle will be removed simultaneously.
Stiches are not remained if the surgery is conducted through the conjunctiva.
In the case of skin incision, it takes 3~4 days to get rid of stiches and feels like you have peaked eyes for the first 2 weeks. It will become natural afterward.

6. Eyebrow Lift

If you have sagging eyelid but do not want double eyelid, you may remove skin under or above the eyebrows with surgical removal.
Facial impression may not be changed significantly with the natural correction of the sagging part.

7. Epicanthoplasty Reconstruction (Epicanthoplasty Reversal)

If you have gotten unsuccessful epicanthoplasty with red and too much exposed skin at the front parts of the eyes and want to reconstruct it, epicanthoplasty reconstruction can be an answer to fix it.
Surgical scars are barely noticed.

This method, which is developed by Dr. Jung Yoon Jae, has been presented in the Journal of Korean Society of Plastic Surgery in 2009, registered in the SCI Journal of America Society of Plastic Surgery in 2012 as well and recognized for its excellence.

8. Lateral Canthal Lenghthening Re-operation

If you have excessive posterior canthotomy and have exposed mucous membrane skin, scar, excessive or inadequate openness or have sore eyes, mucous membrane can fix them.

9. Ptosis surgery, eye impression surgery

If you have inherent or acquired week muscle that lifts upper eyelid, blepharoptosis may be worsen if you get ptosis surgery without correcting it.
Thus, it is required to correct blepharoptosis either primarily or simultaneously.
Depending on the state, non-incision method can be applied to do ptosis surgery or eye impression surgery.